Who is Tourder’s?+-

Tourder's is an online marketplace for travellers to plan and book travel experiences with ease.

What is travel experiences?+-

It is a list of itineraries or activities travellers can do when they are at the destination. From exploring unique places, enjoying local food, joining in fun activities and jungle trekking or mountain climbing to even island cruising, white water rafting and shopping tour. There will be a local friend or guide to help bring you to these places.

Who can become a Partner? +-

Anyone can become a service provider or a Partner; the requirement is pure desire and passion in meeting new people, sharing your local perspective, unique experience and perhaps some strange ideas. Turn your knowledge and experience of certain places in your area or city into money-making opportunity.

Easy sign up process for a Partner?+-

First, register with us as a service provider via Partner With Us . Our business team will contact you soon and you will be provided with a partner’s account once the criteria has been met. Once you have received the access, you will need to complete the user profile and fill up the experience details. It’s a very straightforward process. You’ll be asked to fill up a description of the service you are going to offer, highlighting the key parts of what is included and what isn’t. Here, you can set your own list of pricing structures too.

How can I get in touch with a Customer?+-

The service provider aren’t allowed to contact new customers. The only way to communicate with a customer is when an order is initiated. When this happens, automatically a ‘Conversation’ thread will be created at tourders. A service provider can communicate with the customer for pre-trip arrangement.

What are Custom Request?+-

Any customized request made by the customer, apart from common itinerary displayed in the list.

When does a service provider get paid for the services?+-

Payment to the service providers will be transferred after 7 to 14 days from the day the services rendered in a satisfactory manner. Service provider will receive the payment via PayPal or other appropriate local channel.

Can the Partner rejects any booking?+-

Yes, but the decline will affect the confirmation rating, which is very important and may reduce the confidence of customers.

Will the service provider get a notification when there is a service booked?+-

Yes, service provider will receive an automated email from Tourder’s after a customer has made a booking of the services. Concurrently, they will also receive a notification in the dashboard overview about the booking where the booking can be confirmed right away or suggest to the customer another suitable date

Are there any legal restrictions?+-

Tourder’s is open for everyone. However, it is up to the Partner to ensure that they adhere to all the specific law restrictions, rules, regulations or any laws applicable in the country they are at.

Booking cancellation:+-
  • Booking cancelled by the service provider: When the service provider cancels a confirmed booking, no payment will be made. Importantly, their confirmation rating will turn negative. The service providers are strongly discouraged from doing this as it will reduce chances to receive any future bookings.
  • Booking cancelled by the customer: Subject to terms and conditions within each itinerary, a refund will be paid and goes back to the customer. Member have the authority to cancel their booking but they will be charged for our booking fees. If the member cancels their booking too frequent for a short period of time, we will suspend/terminate his/her account.
Refund Policy:+-

If the service provider purchased any ticket fees to claim from the customer, kindly email us at contact@tourders.com and provide the proof of your purchase or receipts. Tourder’s will process a refund accordingly once all the supporting documents are received.

Are there any booking fees applicable?+-

No, the prices you see on the website are the prices you pay as a guest. No other additional fees.

How do I know if a service provider can be trusted?+-

Tourder’s is an open marketplace, which means that the booking is made between guests and the service providers. In-order to ensure a safe and memorable experience, we are very careful when choosing the best and trusted Partner with our internal verification process.

Do I pay the service provider directly?+-

No, the guest will pay the travel itinerary booked via Tourder’s marketplace platform in order to secure the booking in advance. In case you have been asked to use an alternative payment method, please report it to us immediately.

How can I get in touch with the service provider?+-

Before making any booking, you can contact our Customer Happiness Team for any specific request or support via the live chat or email within Tourder’s platform. After the booking is placed and it is confirmed by the service provider, both of you will receive each other’s contact details. From here, you can interact with one another.

When do I need to make the payment?+-

Once you have chosen or personalised your travel itinerary, you can book it right away using the platform. The payment is needed immediately and only allowed to be processed via Tourder’s platform.

What payment methods do you offer?+-

You can pay through credit cards, debit cards, or PayPal using the Tourder’s platform.

What is a personalised experience?+-

A personalised experience is a custom itinerary designed just for you. In case if you couldn’t find any good itineraries available in our list, you can just simply personalise one in our platform to suit your plan.

What happens if I have a bad experience with a service provider?+-

In case if you have a bad experience with a service provider or a Partner, please provide feedback to us at support@tourders.com. This is a very serious matter and we will look into this urgently and rectify it. It is our priority to offer all our customers a great, enjoyable and memorable experience.

Can I cancel my booking as a guest and do I receive a refund?+-

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to cancel the booking, you can get the refund subject to the cancellation policy stated in each travel itinerary shown.

Booking cancelled by you.+-

All details regarding booking cancellation are based on each travel itinerary available in the platform.

Refund Policy:+-

Based on terms and conditions apply in each travel itinerary shown, after you have cancelled the booking we will email you the refund amount for confirmation. You can choose to proceed and receive the refund in cash or keep it as credit in your account for your next purchase.

What does the signup process look like?+-

You can sign up by creating an account via our marketplace platform. You’ll receive a confirmation email after you have chosen to sign up as a guest. Once email has been confirmed, please fill up the details in the profile page. After you’re done, you can start searching for any travel experiences listed or personalise one.

How does the review system work?+-

Reviews are very critical for us. You can only review an experience you’ve booked. You will be asked to review your experience with a service provider after it has taken place. By reporting terrible or recommending great service provider based on the experience you will help to improve the quality of the offers and give assurance to other guests about that experience and its service provider.